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INNOQ supports creation and maintenance of this site.


The content of this site is primarily based upon a Leanpub book on arc42, that contains an FAQ chapter. The questions in this book and on this website are identical to a large extend.

Both are written in Markdown, but not in a completely identical dialect, sigh… (see below for differences).


This page is based upon Jekyll, a static website generator, using the TtskchTheme theme. It’s maintained on Github and published via github-pages.

Markdown and Jekyll

Some issues occured during the migration of questions from Leanpub markdown (the dialect in which we originally authored the content…):

Images size

Use the standard markdown image tag, append Jekyll-specific with-attributes:

![]({{ site.imageurl }}/images/faq/B-Method/whitebox-sample.png){:width="30%"}

Image location

In contrast to the plain markdown (e.g. used at LeanPub), we have to prepend a / to the image path:

![]({{ site.imageurl }}/images/...)

The image directory is located in the root of the site, parallel to the Jekyll standard directories _posts etc.


I still have NOT found out how to crossreference questions…

Source code

The Liquid processor used by Jekyll to generate the site is peculiar with source code - making especially difficult to display Liquid code itself :-(

Include markdown in html

See for example “category_F.html” for an example:

{% capture my-include %}{% include %}{% endcapture %}
{{ my-include | markdownify }}

Thanx to Mono.

Sorting questions

To loop through a collection called collection_name and sorts it by the front matter variable date and than filters the collection with reverse in reverse order

    {% assign sorted = (site.collection_name | sort: 'date') | reverse %}
    {% for item in sorted %}
    <li>{{ item.title }}</li>
    {% endfor %}

Thanx to Phlow

List Posts sorted by Tags

Needed for the “Keywords” page:

{% capture site_tags %}{% for tag in site.tags %}{{ tag | first }}{% unless forloop.last %},{%endunless %}{% endfor %}{% endcapture %}
{% assign tag_words = site_tags | split:',' | sort %}

<div id="tags">
  <ul class="tag-box inline">
  {% for tag in tag_words %}
    <li><a href="#{{ tag | cgi_escape }}">{{ tag }} <span>{{ site.tags[tag] | size }}</span></a></li>
  {% endfor %}

  {% for item in ( %}{% unless forloop.last %}
    {% capture this_word %}{{ tag_words[item] | strip_newlines }}{% endcapture %}
  <h2 id="{{ this_word | cgi_escape }}">{{ this_word }}</h2>
  <ul class="posts">
    {% assign sorted_posts = (site.tags[this_word] | sort_by: 'title' ) | reverse %}
    {% for post in sorted_posts %}{% if post.title != null %}
    <li> <a href="{{ post.url }}">{{ post.title }}</a></li>
    {% endif %}{% endfor %}
  {% endunless %}{% endfor %}

Thanx to LanyonM

The Team

About Gernot Starke


  • happily married with two (nearly grown-up) kids and a few cats in Cologne, Germany,
  • fellow at INNOQ,
  • quite busy coaching and consulting medium and large-scale enterprises on topics around software architecture and methodical software engineering,
  • co-founder and maintainer of arc42, the template for pragmatic and systematic software architecture documentation,
  • founder of aim42, the open source framework for systematic software architecture improvement,
  • active member and working group lead within the iSAQB,
  • regular presenter at IT-conferences,
  • author and co-author of more than a dozen books on software architecture, patterns, arc, and the like. I’m really sorry - most of these books are written in German. Have a look at Leanpub for some of my English books.

About RDM…