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On this site you find answers to (currently 136) questions regarding arc42, organized in the following categories:

Category Topics
General questions (13) Cost, license, contributing
Questions on methodology (17) Minimal amount of documentation, where-does-what-info-belong, notations, UML
Questions on arc42 sections (63) How to treat the various arc42 sections, stakeholder, quality requirements, context, building blocks, runtime scenarios, deployment, concepts etc.
Questions on modelling (9) UML and alternative notations, consistency, clarity, understandability, diagrams, interfaces, ports,
Questions on arc42 and agility (7) Scrum, Kanban, definition-of-done, minimal, lean, economical documentation
Questions on tools (12) Tools and their application, source code and documentation
Questions on versioning and variants (4) Versioning documents, versions and variants of systems
Questions on traceability (3) Tracing requirements to solution decisions and vice-versa
Questions on managing (documentation) (6) Very large systems, standardization, governance, checklists, access-rights
Questions on customizing arc42 (2) Tailoring and customizing, known adaptions of arc42

If you have additional questions…

Just in case your question(s) regarding arc42 and its usage in practical situations are still missing … please let us know here.

We're offering architecture training!

The dynamic duo, always two trainers in parallel, practically applicable knowledge from Peter Hruschka and Gernot Starke. See arc42.de for details, and schedule.

We’ve successfully trained more than 1000 developers in software architecture, many of them passed the iSAQB CPSA-F certification. (sorry - public training currently German-only, English for inhouse trainings.)