The content of the arc42 template is maintained in AsciiDoc format in a public Github repository - we try to follow a single-source approach (but currently don’t succeed fully!)

  • We maintain one version for every supported language (currently German and English). We call those the Golden-Master, in the arc42-template repository. Golden-Master versions contain both the template content plus the essential help information (content, motivation and form).
  • From Golden-Master we generate a multitude of output formats by Gradle build scripts, using a number of open source tools. One generated format is Microsoft&tm; “docx”. This generator is maintained in its own project (arc42-generator), which includes the arc42-template as a git submodule.
  • Some formats are maintained manually, as the automatic generation is either too bad or would be too much effort to implement:
    • This FAQ website and the arc42-documentation-site are maintained manually… as we have no means of automatically
    • Enterprise-Architect model templates are maintained within EA.
    • Our Leanpub books are maintained manually