Bold information should be present, the other parts are optional.

Information Meaning
Name/Role who or which part of an organization has an interest in the system or its architecture? Sometimes you name specific people, quite often you’ll stick to roles
Knowledge  What do these stakeholders know about the system or its associated processes?
Expected deliverables What do these stakeholders expect from the architecture or its documentation? Please don’t confuse this with the system requirements. See question C-1-5 (deliverables) below.
Relevance (priority) This is critical information: Some stakeholders will be relevant or required for production acceptance or sign-off - but: Explicitly stating relevance or priority might frustrate, irritate or even instigate those with lower priorities… You need to consider the political consequences of putting this information in your documentation - but the team should definitely know about stakeholders’ relevance.
Contact  As trivial as a phone number or email address, so you or the team can contact this stakeholder.
Comment Any other information people might need concerning this stakeholder.