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The following examples are taken from the arc42 by Example Leanpub book.

From the Html-Sanity-Checker example architecture

  1. Implement HtmlSC mostly in the Groovy programming language and partially in Java with minimal external dependencies.
  2. Wrap this implementation into a Gradle plugin, so it can be used within automated builds. Details are given in the Gradle userguide.
  3. Apply the template-method-pattern to enable:

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From a Mass-Market CRM system

Goal/Requirement Architectural Approach Details
Flexible Data Structure  Database structure + persistence code is completely (100%) generated from UML-model Persistence concept, section 8.1
Flexibility in Transmission Formats (CSV and fix-record-formats Create domain-specific languages for CSV and fix-format import/export configurations. Build an ANTLR based parser for these languages plus the corresponding interpreters.  Custom Eclipse Editor, Section 8.2 
Flexibility (Configurable CSV/fix formats) Implement customized editor for CSV/fix DSL as Eclipse plugin Custom Eclipse Editor, Section 8.2 

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