It’s often useful to explain important solution approaches (aka ‘solution strategy’) together with the quality requirements those approaches help to achieve!

One idea is to combine quality requirements with solution approaches in a single table with requirements on the left and solution approach on the right.

In practice, add (hyper-)links to detailed explanations, often given in arc42-section 8 (crosscutting concepts).

An example:

Q-Requirement Architectural Approach Details
Flexibility: Database structure can be customized at installation time within one hour.  Database structure + persistence code is completely (100%) generated from UML-model Persistence concept, section 8.1

(in a real-world system, the third column should be a hyperlink to the detailed description of the respective approach/strategy/concept).

See also

For additional tips regarding the combination of solution strategy and quality requirements, see tip 4.3 in our extensive documentation.